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Gold Plated / Water Resistant
Adjustable size from 15 to 18 cm

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Serpentine lithotherapy:

It has protective virtues, both on the body and the mind,

against invasive waves and worries. It helps to relax and

loosen the mind, while helping it to concentrate and turn

away from everyday concerns. It opens the mind and helps direct healing energy to a specific

place in the body. The serpentine stone also helps to relieve stress,

especially that caused by travel. It relaxes anger and soothes tensions so that the person

feels a great inner calm. It also reinforces self-confidence

and helps the owner to feel truly in control of his life line

and his destiny. The main virtue of the serpentine stone on the physical level

is to chase away headaches. It soothes tensions and helps the

mind to relax after a conflict, stress or anxiety. It also has recognized healing effects, both on the cardiac and

digestive levels. It also favours the secretion of certain glands

when they do not function well. This mineral, widely used in lithotherapy, has also proven its

effectiveness in relieving muscle tension. Zodiac signs for which the need for this stone is potentially

the most important: Libra, Gemini, scales.

Here, the serpentine is dyed Fushia

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