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Gold Plated, Water Resistant

Prasem and Amazonite Stones

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Lithotherapy of the Prase:

It refocuses on the here and now through its 
beneficial and purifying properties. 
It relieves tension and calms nervous 
breakdowns in children and adults alike. 
For the physical body, it soothes childhood 
fevers and relieves blows and bruises. 
It regulates conflicts related to the 
acceptance of authority in general.
The prase, with its deeply soothing energies, 
is considered a stone of forgiveness. 
It encourages the mind to get rid of the past 
and to refocus on the present moment. 
Its use promotes mindfulness meditation 
and mental concentration. 
Amazonite lithotherapy :
Lithotherapy places amazonite among the most virtuous 
stones because it represents courage and truth. As it is, fresh and sparkling, amazonite brings a dose
of youth and the hope of an eternal new beginning. It opens the throat and heart chakras. It is reputed to absorb electro-magnetic radiation. When applied to the heart chakra, amazonite offers
the certainty of tenderness towards the loved one.
It offers the perception of sincere and reciprocal
feelings, this stone brings a feeling of happiness. The amazonite offers appeasement, especially when
it comes to feelings of frustration. It makes it possible to reinforce the female behavior,
while alleviating the ardors. If it is applied on the throat chakra, amazonite offers
softness and sincerity in love exchanges. It is the stone of direct and sincere expression in
tenderness. On a more spiritual level, the amazonite stone brings
serenity in the certainty of good and removes all forms
of negative thoughts. Astrological signs: Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces.

Blue Aventurine Lithotherapy:
Blue Aventurine helps to express emotions and thoughts. 
It is the stone of tranquility, which calms angry or
hyperactive people.
Physically, aventurine helps against skin problems 
such as acne and eczema - and hair loss.
This stone is to be used in moments of stress and sadness, 
it will bring serenity and relieve melancholy.
The blue aventurine soothes and allows to have some 
distance in difficult situations. 
It helps in case of spasms and facial 
tics and soothes sunburn. 

It helps to regulate hormones (especially in women). 
It calms hyperactivity and improves concentration. 
It increases self-motivation. 
It stabilizes mood.

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