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Gold Plated Brass 18K Gold Fine

Prasem Stone, green semi-precious stone

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Chrysoprase lithotherapy: It is known to have great virtues of compassion and gentleness. Indeed, many agree that it helps to calm anger, to alleviate negative feelings such as jealousy, or even that negative feelings or injustice that we carry within us: it is therefore the stone par excellence of the heart chakra and the good energies that are attributed to it. As far as the psychic and spiritual level is concerned, this mineral that is the chrysoprase stone is recognized as a liberating stone: this can be justified insofar as it clears the spirit of all that could hinder its natural blossoming. It would restore courage to people prone to doubts or lack of self-confidence, while offering new perspectives: creativity and inspiration often result from it. It is also known to have a positive effect on things such as tension or stress, as it helps concentration and relaxation. This is probably why it is considered the stone of maternal love: because of the way it channels positive feelings such as love or tenderness. It is said to have the health-giving ability to regulate blood pressure and even stimulate the heart's muscles. This has a direct effect on the general health of the wearer, as it strengthens the metabolism and all endocrine functions. Many people recommend it for childbirths, especially if these can present difficulties: if only for its soothing virtues, it seems very appropriate. To go even further, it is also recommended against infertility that can result from infectious diseases. We said earlier that among the many virtues it has, is that of relaxation, of appeasement: it goes without saying that it will be a perfect help for little sleepers, or for anyone suffering from insomnia, since its presence would lead to a treatment for a heavy and restful sleep, why not with the presence of a crystal. Her favourite astrological signs are Cancer, Libra, Gemini, Capricorn and Pisces. The purification of chrysoprase is done with salty distilled water. To recharge the stone it is sufficient to expose it to the sun on a heap of quartz.

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